At the Beomeosa Temple located on a mountain above Busan

At the Beomeosa Temple located on a mountain above Busan

On Wednesday morning, I did some sight see with Dr. Hyunsuk Shin of Pusan National University. He took me to Beomeosa Temple, located on a mountain above Busan. The original table was constructed approximately 1,000 years ago and is still being used for prayer by many South Koreans.

After lunch, the low impact development (LID) research group at Pusan National University held a workshop at which project team members made presentations on their roles in the project.  The LID research group is a large interdisciplinary  team, with approximately 30 groups involved.

It includes academics from several Korean universities and representatives from large construction companies. Team members also include technical services companies that will determine what type of electronic monitoring equipment to use and how it will be applied in the field. Information technology firms are also participating. They will be responsible for setting up the electronic monitoring network, so researchers can view monitoring results in real time.  Additionally, soil engineers will be looking at native soil conditions, infiltrative capacity and other properties, so LID concepts developed in the U.S. and elsewhere can be modified to work in the South Korean environment.

Some of the academic researchers are designing internal laboratory facilities to conduct LID tests once the new research facility is built. Other professors are looking at the water quality aspects of LID and evaluating existing water quality models, primarily those from the U.S., such as SLAMM and SWMM.

I was asked to make a brief presentation yesterday, which focused on the need to assess pollutant loads and determine the effectiveness of LID treatment systems in reducing pollutants. There was also a discussion about the use of percent removal versus influent and effluent concentrations and the differences between those two approaches.

Steven D. Trinkaus, principal engineer for Trinkaus Engineering, LLC

Steven D. Trinkaus, PE is the principal engineer for Trinkaus Engineering, LLC. Mr. Trinkaus processes over 28 years in the land development field and is a nationally recognized expert in the application of Low Impact Development strategies. His specialty is in development of LID regulations for municipalities.