Stormwater Report readers represent a diverse audience of stormwater operators, engineers, utility managers, researchers, equipment manufacturers, and more. Each month, Stormwater Report receives nearly 5,000 unique visitors to its homepage. Its monthly e-newsletter sends a digest of the site’s latest content to approximately 15,000 subscribers during the first week of each month.

Support from our advertisers helps Stormwater Report continue to deliver high-quality content and be of the greatest value to the stormwater management community. We offer a platform to help equipment manufacturers, service providers, and others connect with stormwater professionals through a resource they are already using.

Discounts are available to WEF Stormwater Institute members for all advertising products.

Stormwater Report offers several advertising options:

Run a Website Advertisement

Provide an image (.jpg, .gif, .png, etc.) that links to a web page of your choice to appear prominently on the Stormwater Report homepage on a monthly or annual basis. Submitted ad images should be about 275 x 300 pixels for sidebar ads or 900 x 120 pixels for horizontal banner ads, but we will work with you to ensure your image appears clearly and correctly.

Sidebar ads appear on every page, while horizontal banner ads appear only on the home page.

You may also provide video ads via links to either YouTube or Vimeo.

Run a Newsletter Advertisement

The Stormwater Report e-newsletter is typically sent on the first Thursday of each month, and contains excerpts from that month’s newest articles, information about major sector events and upcoming program deadlines, as well as ads from our sponsors. Submitted ads should be an image file (.jpg, .gif, .png, etc.) measuring approximately 290 x 183 pixels, but we will work with you to ensure your image appears clearly and correctly.

Newsletter analytics demonstrate above-average open rates and an engaged — and growing — audience of approximately 27,000 stormwater professionals.

Feature Your Products and Services

Each month, Stormwater Report enables product manufacturers or service providers to promote their stormwater innovations in its Featured Products section, located on the home page. The Featured Products section offers advertisers an interactive slider that showcases stormwater products. From the home page, users see an image of the product and its name, and can click on products that interest them for a more in-depth summary of the product as well as external links for purchase.

Each advertiser may feature one product per month in the Featured Products section. While services may be advertised in the Featured Products section, they must include a representative image that is not a company logo — for example, a client receiving the service or employees performing a consultation. Stock images may also be used when reasonable.

Although new products will be visible on the site (on both the home page and in the right-hand sidebar on all pages) for one month, product pages will remain accessible on the website indefinitely via a Featured Products archive page unless removal is requested.

To advertise in the Featured Products section, sponsors must provide:

  • At least one image file (.jpg, .gif, .png, etc.) for a single product, measuring at least 600 x 600 pixels (Note: Please avoid .pdf files)
  • Product specifications and description; maximum of 750 words
  • External links (i.e., to a company website) for purchase or more information

Contact WEF Sales Representative Suzanne Shutty at or read the WEF Media Kit for more information.