PipeCAST™ — Actionable Engineering Insights, Right at Your Fingertips

Introducing PipeCAST, a unique cloud-based software platform powered by the water infrastructure experts at CDM Smith. PipeCAST helps utilities gain insights into the performance of their stormwater and wastewater systems so they can proactively monitor and respond to the next extreme weather event.

Using the latest in digital twin technology and real-time hydraulic model simulations, PipeCAST alerts users to discrepancies between predicted activity and observed behavior, helping to identify issues like overflows, blockages, and backups before they become problems. Users are notified of these discrepancies through PipeCAST’s automated email system and user-friendly dashboards, which allow them to direct operations and maintenance resources to the assets in need. PipeCAST integrates with existing data—IOT, sensors, SCADA data, GIS information and CMOM/CMMS—and works in conjunction with these traditionally disparate and siloed systems to consolidate, simplify and streamline utility operations.

By integrating and correlating the hydraulic, operational, and maintenance interdependencies, utilities are finally equipped with a digital solution that helps reduce reporting, maintain compliance, optimize operations, target maintenance, evaluate improvement plans and turn data into actionable insights.

Building on our long history of developing industry-renowned stormwater modeling tools like SWMM and NetSTORM, CDM Smith is proud to continue its legacy of providing innovative solutions that help clients proactively manage their systems and prepare for the future of their organizations.

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