The Vaughan Chopper Storm™ is a fully enclosed emergency backup standalone pump. The Chopper Storm is meant to run in place of your pump system if it is rendered inoperable due to critical conditions. This pump is sound attenuated, fixed with working lights on the exterior, and provides easy access to the working parts of the system without having to remove the access panels for servicing of the equipment. For operators managing municipal facilities in storm-prone regions, this is the solution you’ve been waiting for.  

100% Lift Station Redundancy. Powered by Diesel (Interim Tier 4) or Natural Gas, Skid Mounted and available with Automatic or Manual Control Systems as well as remote operation and monitoring. Eliminate pump issues caused by mechanical and electrical failures.  

Be prepared for the next storm, power outage, or emergency shutdown. Back up your system with the The Vaughan Chopper Storm™. For more details visit 

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