Wet weather flow reduced by 89%, 6.5X more than passive methods and at a cost of $0.005 per gallon. Unheard of? Not with Opti’s real time control solution. With the implementation of Opti’s Smart Watershed Network Management (SWNM) in the Beaver Creek District, Albany, NY has improved customer service and wet weather operations. The Albany community is safer and is experiencing less flood and property damage risk thanks to these real time control capabilities. “Opti technology helps us identify existing conditions and develop strategies to adapt to a changing environment,” said Joseph E. Coffey, Jr., P.E. Commissioner, Department of Water and Water Supply. Watch Opti’s interview with Joe Coffey, Jr. here.

Learn more about Smart Watershed Network Management as well as the Albany Case Study.

Opti enables healthy watersheds and flood-resilient communities

Opti’s SWNM is a groundbreaking solution to meet many stormwater challenges, scaling up from a single site/BMP to an entire watershed. The first module for SWNM is Coordinated Release (CR). CR starts with reading sensor data at the overflows and wastewater treatment plant. Opti technology brings control and adaptable watershed management based upon those real-time downstream conditions, in coordination with the weather forecast and local watershed conditions.  

The Opti platform is sensor agnostic, allowing customers to utilize existing monitoring networks already in place to manage upstream watershed conditions. Our robust API architecture is designed for this interoperability. Opti’s SWNM has an extensive product roadmap. Future capabilities include tidal flow conditions and temperature based control. By managing the upstream watershed proactively, Opti greatly reduces the risk and impact of CSO events and flooding.

To learn more about Opti’s SWNM, please contact Opti at sales@optirtc.com.

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