At SNC-Lavalin’s Atkins business, we take advantage of the synergies between our engineering, technology and environmental capabilities to provide water resources, water and wastewater infrastructure, and coastal engineering solutions to address your programmatic and infrastructure needs

We pursue integrated approaches to use and manage water throughout its hydrologic life cycle (source extraction, conveyance, storage, distribution, conservation, treatment, reuse and recharge) within the broader context of sustainable development. We pursue new and innovative solutions, and take advantage of the inherent interrelationships and interconnectedness of various sectors, resources, systems and processes.

Through our expanding suite of digital tools, combined with our engineering expertise and intimate knowledge of the industry, we engage water utilities more meaningfully to address their water and stormwater program management and infrastructure design needs.

Sustainable stormwater

We pursue innovative approaches to maximize the benefits of stormwater as a resource, while minimizing or eliminating its adverse effects related to flooding and water quality. We are increasing our emphasis in the reuse potential of stormwater to decrease downstream threats including to human health, property and aquatic habitat.

Flood-resilient communities and coasts

As a national service provider to the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s (FEMA) Risk MAP program, we help identify, evaluate, map and communicate flood risk. Members of FEMA’s Cooperating Technical Partners (CTP) Program across the nation also benefit from our expertise in water resources, community engagement, floodplain mapping, mitigation action planning and risk analysis.

Technology-enabled solutions

Using GIS, databases, automation, and interconnected and intelligent systems allows us to analyze more data temporally and spatially, assess an unlimited number of build and operational scenarios, and identify solutions otherwise unavailable.

By planning for the future and leveraging technology, we develop water solutions that contribute to healthy communities and sustainable environments. Our ability to offer a broad spectrum of services helps our clients deliver solutions that not only overcome sustainability challenges but set new standards for excellence in the areas of water infrastructure, stormwater, and coastal resilience.

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