Filterra® Bioretention – Low Impact Development in a Small Footprint

Filterra is an engineered high-performance bioretention system. While it operates similar to traditional bioretention, its high flow media allows for a reduction in footprint of up to 95% versus traditional bioretention practices. Filterra provides a Low Impact Development (LID) solution for tight, highly developed sites such as urban development projects, commercial parking lots, residential streets, and streetscapes. Its small footprint also reduces installation and life cycle costs versus traditional bioretention. Filterra can be configured in many different ways to enhance site aesthetics, integrate with other LID practices, or increase runoff reduction through infiltration below or downstream of the system.

At the heart of all Filterra systems is Filterra engineered media; a specified gradation of washed aggregate and organic material homogeneously blended under strict quality controlled conditions.  The filter media has been optimized to operate under high flow rates (up to 175 inches/hour) while maintaining pollutant removal performance. Filterra media is tested for hydraulic functionality, fertility, and particle size distribution to ensure uniform performance. Filterra is approved through numerous local, state and federal verification programs, including the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (NJ DEP), the Washington Department of Ecology (GULD) – Basic, Enhanced, Phosphorus, and Oil, Maryland Department of the Environment – Environmental Site Design (ESD) the Maryland Department of the Environment – Environmental Site Design (ESD), and ­the Los Angeles County, CA – Alternate to Attachment H.

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