Arcadis – A Leader in Resilient and Sustainable Design

Communities across the country have experienced devastating flooding and are feeling the increasing impacts of climate change; yet each community’s ability to recover and plan for the challenges of the future is different. Arcadis helps communities address these challenges while working toward creating and enhancing their unique vibrant economies.

Roots of Arcadis

Arcadis has a rich history originating in 1888 in the Netherlands, where more than 50% of the gross national product is produced below sea level. Arcadis is a global leader in water management with an extensive portfolio of challenging projects that address flood risk and stormwater management, sustainability, coastal protection, and ecosystem restoration. This next-generation thinking is built upon our origins and more than a century of experience protecting the notoriously flood-prone Dutch coastline, and most recently, coastal areas here in the United States.

From Past to Future

Leveraging our deep history, Arcadis has expanded our offerings to forecast climate change impacts and identify adaptation strategies and solutions. We have developed and utilized a suite of flood analysis and prediction tools, from high level and low-cost accumulation models that identify flood-prone areas to more detailed paired surface/subsurface models that evaluate potential mitigation solutions. These tools help communities effectively target current flooding and stormwater problems and prioritize investments to address future conditions. Combined with our extensive experience in risk assessments and understanding of funding programs, we work collaboratively with communities to transition to a resilient future.

This approach is further detailed in Adaptation for All, a guidance manual to be published this spring that is focused on how to build flood resilience for communities of every size. This guidance manual was jointly developed by Arcadis, the American Flood Coalition and the Embassy of the Netherlands, and presents policy, land use, stormwater, drainage, coastal and shoreline approaches to resilience and adaptation. Guidance manuals like this, combined with tools to visualize risk through augmented reality, digital twins, and advanced asset management applications, are examples of the dynamic approaches to stormwater management that are key in sustaining the future of our cities – please see QR codes and links below.

Translating Analysis to Solutions

Arcadis builds on our stormwater, flooding and climate analysis to implement resilient and sustainable solutions. With a continued focus on the future, we work to address complex environmental challenges using designs that are cost-effective and reliable. Standing behind our principles, we helped Fairfax County, Virginia, protect a vulnerable neighborhood with the Huntington Levee and interior drainage storage and stormwater pump station, which was put to the test shortly after construction when the neighborhood was successfully protected from a damaging storm event. The project was a recipient of the Envision Bronze award for sustainable infrastructure and also received ENR Mid-Atlantic’s 2020 Best Project Water/Environmental & Excellence in Safety award. This project encapsulates Arcadis’ strategy of maximizing impact through sustainability-driven solutions and leveraging our foundation in water management to improve quality of life.

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Bringing the value of advanced asset management to stormwater: A risk-based approach to save money and enhance resilience requires new stormwater-specific digital tools and national guidance.

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