Archive | January, 2021

New NACWA Permit Screening Program Provides Regulatory Clarity

As the stormwater sector grows in complexity with new the rise of new contaminants, technologies, and practices, so too do stormwater management regulations. Because the regulatory landscape of the stormwater field tends to be more dynamic than other water management segments, it can be difficult for stormwater managers to understand their specific regulatory requirements and […]

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Experts Identify Long-Sought Stormwater Contaminant Behind Salmon Deaths

When it rains during salmon-spawning season around Seattle, Washington, as many as 90% of the coho salmon arriving in freshwater streams to reproduce will not survive the journey. Local environmental scientists, such as Jenifer McIntyre at Washington State University (WSU; Puyallup) and University of Washington (Seattle) engineering professor Edward Kolodziej, have spent years working alongside […]

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Researchers Look to the Stars for Insight on Wildfires, Mudslides

Researchers from the University of California, San Diego (UCSD) are performing both terrestrial and extraterrestrial soil experiments to develop new tools for the fight against mudslides. UCSD structural engineer Ingrid Tomac is leading a team studying the behavior of individual raindrops to better understand — and hopefully, prevent — mudslides.  The team formed a partnership […]

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