In mid-March, the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) launched the Sustainable Communities Initiative Resource Library. HUD awarded the first Sustainable Community Initiative Grant in 2010, and the library will showcase products from the 143 communities that have received the grant since then. This new online library catalogs dozens of local and regional comprehensive plans, model codes, and reports. These resources will help other communities around the country think about growth in a more resilient, inclusive, and cost-effective way. HUD plans to expand the library in coming months with additional resources, including tools and fact sheets, that provide users access to information on grantee community innovations.

Included in the library is a new HUD report, “Green Infrastructure and the Sustainable Communities Initiative.” This report showcases the climate and economic resilience benefits of green infrastructure in 30 grantee communities across the U.S. It provides a high-level snapshot of the grantees’ green infrastructure work and links to other resources with more detailed information on plans and projects.