On March 24, The U.K.-based Construction Industry Research and Information Association released two new guides “Communication and engagement in local flood risk management” and “Communication and engagement techniques in local flood risk management, companion guide.” The guides are intended to help communities engage with stakeholders, particularly those vulnerable to flooding. The guides are relevant at several stages of flood-risk planning, including building engagement and awareness as well as preparing a risk management strategy or surface water management plan. The guides also cover event recovery and benchmarking. Read more.

On a related note, the U.K. Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs released on March 23 non-statutory technical standards for the design, maintenance, and operation of sustainable urban drainage systems (SuDS). These infiltration-based practices slow surface runoff and mimic natural drainage to reduce flash-flooding and improve water quality. These standards follow changes to the planning system, announced in December, where SuDS should be considered on planning applications relating to major development.