On Aug. 14, AbTech launched a major collaboration effort with Corvias Solutions to develop large stormwater infrastructure projects, particularly under privately financed, public-private partnership (P3) models.

AbTech is an environmental technologies and engineering firm known for its polymer and antimicrobial technologies capable of removing bacteria, hydrocarbons, and other pollutants from stormwater and wastewater. Corvias Solutions is a private partner developing the largest stormwater P3 contract in the U.S., a $100M project in Prince George’s County Maryland. AEWS Engineering, an AbTech subsidiary, has teamed with Corvias Solutions to provide engineering and design services to support the partnership between Prince George’s County and Corvias Solutions.

The companies plan to pursue similar stormwater infrastructure opportunities nationally, with a focus on Northeastern municipalities. The companies will leverage experience and their track record gained by Corvias’ Prince George’s County P3 partnership and AbTech’s Nassau County Design-Build-Operate project.

“We believe the combination of Corvias, AbTech, and AEWS Engineering present a powerhouse team to execute large-scale stormwater infrastructure projects that are being developed throughout the country,” said Bjornulf White, Abtech’s executive vice president of corporate development.

 Also in August, AbTech signed an exclusive license agreement with Synanomet, LLC, a private Arkansas-based company that holds exclusive patent rights to the manufacturing and use of nanostructured materials for heavy metal removal. The materials were created at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock.