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EPA Releases Assessment Guide for Stream Restoration Projects

Urban stormwater significantly impacts not only water quality but also the physical stability and condition of headwater streams due to flashy and frequent erosive flows.   The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recently announced the release of A Function-Based Framework for Stream Assessment & Restoration Projects. According to EPA, stream restoration is relatively young and still […]

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Stream-Channel Protection Requires Focus on More Than Flow Magnitude

Presenter: Robert J. Hawley, Sustainable Streams Session 25: Vigilance in Monitoring and Maintenance According to Robert Hawley — principal scientist at Sustainable Streams — adequate stream-channel protection requires stormwater controls that are designed with local data to address not only peak flows but also the frequency and duration of erosive flows. Channel instability is generally […]

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Donnaldson Run Stream Restoration Decreases Erosion

Donaldson Run is a stream in Arlington County that connects with the Potomac River and eventually the Chesapeake Bay. To fix serious erosion problems, the County collaborated with the neighboring civic associations to restore Donaldson Run’s Tributary A in 2006. Donaldson Run is located in an urban watershed with relatively high impervious surface cover and […]

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