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Salt Marshes and Seawalls Work Together to Minimize Flood Damages

Salt marshes — coastal wetlands common to northern parts of the globe that flood and drain with the movement of ocean tides — are prized for their ability to protect coastal communities by shrinking and slowing ocean waves. However, according to a recently published study, contemporary and historical data underscore an even more important function […]

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Boston releases 50-year floodproofing plan to meet climate risks

Boston was built on climate resiliency planning. Early residents gradually filled in low-lying Atlantic Ocean tidelands as the city expanded. They turned small islands and peninsulas into neighborhoods high enough above sea level to prevent flooding from typical tides and storms. Today, some of these areas, such as East Boston and Charlestown, are among the […]

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Most U.S. coastlines will sink faster than the global average, NOAA report cautions

While sea levels across the world have long been expected to rise steadily as temperatures increase and ice caps melt, an alarming report from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) warns that almost all U.S. coastlines risk more dramatic changes in sea level than the global average. The Jan. 19 report frames potential changes […]

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