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Study: Beavers Transform Forests into Wetlands Over Many Decades

In urban environments, humans pave over landscapes that would otherwise absorb stormwater. However, it turns out humans are not the only species that disrupts natural hydrological processes as their habitats develop. By cutting trees, digging canals, and building dams, beaver colonies shape their forest dwellings in ways that transform flooding patterns, the local food chain, […]

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Figure 1 from the 2018 publication (originally Figure 2.1 in the 2013 report) presents trends in different types of natural catastrophes worldwide from 1980 to 2016. The updated data shows a continuation of the trends previously observed whereby climate-related extreme events are rising, with a particularly sharp increase in hydrological events. (Data from MunichRE Natcatservice/EASAC)

New data updates earlier findings on extreme weather events

The European Academies’ Science Advisory Council (EASAC; Halle, Germany) recently released a publication that updates a previous 2013 EASAC report with new data showing that extreme weather events have become more frequent during the past 36 years. The new findings — which confirm the conclusions in the original report and extend the previous analysis — […]

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Governments and landowners rush to prevent flooding from melting Sierra Nevada snowpack

A record-breaking accumulation of snow on the Sierra Nevada mountains is melting steadily as temperatures continue to warm and the thaw continues. That’s both good and bad news for Nevadans — while snowmelt represents one of the most reliable sources of drinking water for the dry West, this year it could bring up to 2.5 […]

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Key stormwater detention site construction to begin at former Houston golf course

The City of Houston, Texas, and the Harris County Flood Control District (HCFD; Houston) are teeing up to build 10 stormwater detention basins on the site of the now-defunct Inwood Forest Golf Course in northwest Houston. Once completed, officials expect the network of basins to detain more than 1.3 billion L (350 million gal) of […]

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Trinity River floodplain set to become one of nation’s largest and greenest urban parks

Following a $50 million donation from the widow of late Texas philanthropist Harold Simmons last October, the Trinity Park Conservancy (Dallas) soon will break ground on the largest civic project in the history of Dallas — a “Nature District” along the Trinity River Corridor roughly eleven times larger than Manhattan’s Central Park. Harold Simmons Park […]

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U.S. EPA releases draft of long-term guide for stormwater planning

To help address the growing problem of runoff pollution in American cities, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) launched a step-by-step guide on Oct. 27 that will advise communities through the implementation or improvement of their own long-term stormwater management plans. The guide aims to prevent flooding as well as help communities reach broader economic […]

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