The American Society of Civil Engineers (Reston, Va.) is seeking public comment on three updated guidelines:

  • ASCE/EWRI Standard Guidelines: Design of Stormwater Impoundments,
  • ASCE/EWRI Standard Guidelines: Installation of Stormwater Impoundments, and
  • ASCE/EWRI Standard Guidelines: Operation and Maintenance of Stormwater Impoundments.

The public comment period opened April 6 and will close on May 21, 2016.

These three standard guidelines intend to present design guidance for stormwater impoundments. The guidelines’ purpose is to focus on local and regional impoundments to manage, treat, and/or attenuate stormwater runoff, thus reducing the impact of stormwater on downstream areas due to land-use changes from water discharge and water quality perspectives.

Accessing the Public Comment System will require using or creating an ASCE web user account.

For additional questions contact James Neckel, ASCE codes and standards coordinator, at or (703) 295-6176.