Jan16 feature artThe Trinity Watershed Management (TWM) Department of the City of Dallas relies on the Dallas Floodway System to protect about 4047 ha (10,000 ac) of the city from flooding. The system includes levees, pumping stations, detention basins, and gates.

When analysis suggested upgrading six pumping stations and adding two more, TWM found the opportunity to pursue a unique project on a massive scale. TWM designed and built a 3.8 billion L/d (1 billion gal/d) stormwater pumping station using a technology rarely seen in the U.S. for flood control — concrete volute pumps (CVPs).

Click to visit January WE&T and download "Big and bold."

Click to visit January WE&T and download “Big and bold.”

The article, “Big and bold: Concrete volute pump technology pours foundation of massive stormwater pumping project,” by Nash Reddy, Sirak Bahta, and Lonnie Geiger, appears in the January 2016 issue of Water Environment & Technology.

Download a PDF of the the full article at WE&T site.