On June 30, Connecticut Gov. Dannel Malloy signed legislation phasing out the manufacture and sale of microbeads in personal care products and over-the-counter drugs, and Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker passed a similar ban a day later, making Wisconsin the eighth state to do so. The laws apply to any intentionally added synthetic, solid-plastic particle measured to be 5 mm or less in size that is used to exfoliate or cleanse and is intended to be rinsed down the drain.

Both laws create a similar microbead ban timeline with manufacturing of microbead-containing personal-care products prohibited starting Dec. 31, 2017 and over-the-counter sales or imports prohibited beginning a year later.

For Connecticut, these dates are contingent on the completion of a microbead alternative study that will examine biodegradable options. The study must be completed by Dec. 15, 2017.