On March 14, the Government of the Alberta announced a commitment of $1 billion (CAD$1.1 billion) over the next three years to flood-recovery.  Nearly $120 million (CAD$132 million) will be available for flood mitigation, floodway relocation, erosion control grants, and flood hazard studies and updating flood maps. The amount also includes $8.9 million (CAD$9.7 million) for water and wastewater projects and $8.2 million (CAD$9 million) for mitigation in provincial parks.

The funding builds on the $3.4 billion (CAD$3.8 billion) approved for flood recovery in 2013, including more than $2.7 billion (CAD$3 billion) through the Disaster Recovery Program. Further, an additional $726 million (CAD$800 million) allocated in the 2013-14 budget will fund disaster recovery initiatives this year, such as mitigation and infrastructure repairs.

Funds come as the province enters the season of higher precipitation and spring snow melt, which create greater flood risks. More than 50 erosion control projects already are underway in Alberta.  Check the Alberta Flood Mitigation website for current projects, progress updates, and other information.

Published March 11, Alberta WaterSMART also released a progress report based on an earlier report released in August 2013, The 2013 Great Alberta Flood: Actions to Mitigate, Manage and Control Future Floods. The progress report identifies flood mitigation activities and initiatives, showing which recommendations have been acted upon and where gaps remain.

Another report announced in March, this one by the Alberta Water Council, makes 13 recommendations to more effectively conserve and manage valuable lands adjacent to rivers, lakes and wetlands.  Better management of these riparian lands can help to mitigate the effects of flooding.  The report notes good work, ongoing efforts, and how the Government of Alberta can address still-existing challenges. Read more.