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On Jan. 31, the Water Environment Federation (WEF), National Association of Clean Water Agencies, and Water Environment Research Foundation released Water Resources Utility of the Future . . . Blueprint for Action. The document describes how wastewater utilities are transforming into resource recovery facilities.

“Today’s utilities are reclaiming and reusing water, extracting and finding commercial uses for nutrients and other products, becoming more-efficient energy users and renewable energy producers, and using green infrastructure to manage stormwater and to improve quality of life,” said Jeff Eger, WEF executive director. “They are essential to thriving, sustainable communities.”

According to the report, the utility of the future will utilize a holistic watershed management approach, using such solutions as green infrastructure and water quality trading. Leveraging green infrastructure for stormwater management will enable utilities to reduce stormwater management costs and improve urban environments while meeting multiple community initiatives.

The document touches on financing stormwater management and federal agencies’ support for green infrastructure initiatives.