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The sustainable design of King County's Georgetown Wet Weather Treatment Station includes a green roof, rain gardens, and cisterns to filter and collect stormwater. (Photo courtesy of King County)

WIFIA-financed King County, Wash., stormwater treatment project to protect water quality in the Duwamish River

Construction is underway in the Georgetown neighborhood of Seattle, Wash., on a combined sewer overflow (CSO) wet weather treatment station that will treat up to 265 million L/d (70 mgd) of polluted stormwater runoff that currently can flow into the Duwamish River during severe rain events. The $262 million Georgetown Wet Weather Treatment Station — […]

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New stormwater facility to improve Puget Sound water quality

Metro Parks Tacoma and the City of Tacoma have built a 510-m2 (5500-ft2) stormwater treatment system at Point Defiance Park in Tacoma, Wash. The system will filter stormwater runoff from a 305-ha (754-ac) watershed that protects Puget Sound from water pollution. Funded by a grant from the state Department of Ecology, the goal of the […]

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Mussels Track Stormwater Pollution in Puget Sound

In late October, volunteers deployed Penn Cove mussels in 73 locations to evaluate the health of nearshore Puget Sound environments. The mussels will help track what contaminants are present in runoff over Washington State’s rainy fall and winter seasons. They also will help researchers determine how well stormwater management efforts are working. Mussels do not […]

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