NGICP sealOn. Dec. 13, 90 people completed the inaugural National Green Infrastructure Certification Program (NGICP) exam. These 90 people hope to become the first set of entry-level workers to gain recognition under NGICP. The exam, currently offered through NGICP partner organizations, tested applicants on their knowledge of green infrastructure fundamentals, construction methods, and maintenance procedures.

The exam marks a milestone both for test-takers and the program, which was announced as a collaborative effort between the Water Environment Federation (WEF; Alexandria, Va.) and DC Water (Washington, D.C.) last February. Program administrators will use the results of this “prototype” test, which contains 141 questions, to create a 100-question standardized exam to be used when the NGICP becomes available for applicants nationwide.

Seven different NGICP partner organizations hosted 3-hour test events simultaneously in the following locations:

  • Washington, D.C.
  • Baltimore, Md.
  • Montgomery County, Md.
  • Harrisburg, Pa.
  • Pittsburgh, Pa.
  • Fairfax County, Va.
  • Milwaukee, Wis.

The NGICP, housed under the WEF Stormwater Institute, is designed to create the first set of national standards for workers that will build, inspect, and/or maintain green stormwater management measures. By providing verification that entry-level green infrastructure workers have the required skills to enter this specialized field, NGICP will streamline the process of connecting qualified talent to in-demand jobs.

In early 2017, the first set of NGICP certificates will be granted, verifying that awardees have the necessary knowledge and skills to ensure the performance and sustainability of green infrastructure systems.

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