The Green Infrastructure Wizard, or GIWiz, is a new web-based tool from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) that is helping communities consider the benefits and uses of green infrastructure. The tool responds to growing community interest in using green infrastructure as a means of addressing water quality concerns and a range of other local goals. Using a self-guided format, users can find EPA tools and resources to learn the basics of green infrastructure. Users can explore financing options and visualize and design rain gardens and permeable pavements. They also can discover how other communities are using green infrastructure to revitalize neighborhoods and develop public education and outreach campaigns.

EPA Model to Improve Illinois River Water Quality

In October, EPA also made available the Illinois River Watershed Modeling Program. The modeling program is designed to reproduce conditions within the Illinois River watershed. In doing so, the model can be used to forecast different pollution control options and evaluate each option or combination of options’ ability to improve water quality in the watershed.