Philadelphia began following updated stormwater regulations July 1. Two years in the making, the regulations are meant to ensure new developments contribute to Philadelphia’s Green City, Clean Waters plan. New developments are now required to handle more water, slow stormwater more effectively, and improve pollutant reduction. These changes will help minimize local flooding, encourage the use of green infrastructure, and improve the health of local waterways.

According to Philadelphia Water Department (PWD), it also has improved the process for submitting and reviewing stormwater plans and has enhanced access to its Stormwater Regulations Guidance Manual. The guide is searchable, and the website includes other tools to help site developers comply with the new stormwater regulations.

Another key part of Green City, Clean Waters is encouraging green infrastructure retrofits on private property. In early June, PWD released the Stormwater Retrofit Guidance Manual for its nonresidential customers. These customers can benefit most from using green infrastructure because they are billed based on the amount of impermeable surface on their properties. The guide includes information on credits and incentives offered through PWD’s Green Acres Retrofit Program and Stormwater Management Incentives Program as well as instructions for selecting green infrastructure according to property and maintenance requirements. An additional component to the guidance manual is Credits Explorer, a new mobile application that allows users to virtually add green infrastructure to nonresidential properties and determine potential savings.

Check It Out

Philadelphia is educating its residents about seven of its most commonly used green infrastructure systems with signage in 36 locations in 18 neighborhoods. The signs will explain green infrastructure concepts with attention-grabbing diagrams and simple descriptions.