On May 8, Duke University in Durham, N.C., opened a major stormwater reuse facility — an $11.5-million, 2.2-ha (5.5-ac) pond. The stormwater collected in the pond will be used to make chilled water. The major driver for this project was the 2008 drought. With the new system in place, the university will be able to harvest and use 379 million L (100 million gal) annually.

Researchers within the Duke University Wetland Center conducted a survey of 300 to 400 universities to review their water plans, and they did not come across any others that had implemented a stormwater harvesting and use scheme at this scale.

Additionally, the pond will serve as an educational resource for researchers and students as well as a recreation destination with an amphitheater and 966-meter (0.6-mi) walking path. Read more.