Qatar’s Public Parks Department at the Ministry of Municipality and Urban Planning is working on several pilot projects in Doha as part of new stormwater management strategy, according to a local news source The Peninsula . With its arid climate, Qatar experiences low annual rainfall, intense storms, and high evaporation rates. However, increases in impervious areas have greatly increased peak discharges even from small events. Therefore, new stormwater efforts seek to reduce flooding and damage while capturing stormwater for beneficial uses. The ministry plans to utilize green infrastructure alongside traditional stormwater infrastructure to cost-effectively treat and reduce runoff.

One project, for instance, in Al Muntazah Park will collect, treat and store stormwater to use for irrigating the public space. Another park in the southern part of the city will be divided to reflect the stages of the water cycle and to create different ecosystems. It will contain public art and walking paths as well as ponds, which will collect stormwater and treated wastewater.