On July 12, WEF Publishing UK Ltd. (WEFP), a wholly-owned, for-profit subsidiary of the U.S.-based Water Environment Federation (WEF), announced the launch of a new stormwater publication. The quarterly international magazine World Water: Stormwater Management will focus on sustainable solutions that help manage runoff and stormwater flows on municipal, industrial, commercial, and private lands. Topics will cover technical and policy-based aspects of low-impact development; green infrastructure; urban drainage systems; watershed management; erosion and sediment control; water quality monitoring; treatment equipment and products; integrated water management; and rainwater harvesting.

Significant growth in stormwater investment is anticipated worldwide, as government and industry sectors are ready to invest billions of U.S. dollars in stormwater technology and infrastructure solutions. Australia, China, India, Oceania, Europe, and the U.S. have all made varying strides in stormwater management; however, the market remains underdeveloped — yet poised for major growth.

“Aging urban drainage infrastructure and increasing precipitation are driving government and industry leaders in many countries to expand and upgrade stormwater and flood management systems,” said Dan McCarthy, chairman of the WEFP board of directors. “Those actions are being taken to protect the quality of water resources, protect aquatic life in receiving streams, and address damage to life and property caused by large-scale flooding. World Water: Stormwater Management aims to be a top industry resource that provides the most current information about this emerging global market.” For those interested in advertising, learn more about the magazine’s distribution and focus.