On Feb. 26, the water minister of the Australian state of Victoria announced a pilot project in Mount Evelyn. The goal of the project is to mitigate water quality problems in Little Stringybark Creek caused primarily by runoff from increasing urban development. Local community, educational researchers, and Melbourne Water have been promoting rainwater tanks and rain gardens. Now, with support from Melbourne Water, the Yarra Ranges Council is proposing a 2-year pilot Environmental Significance Overlay (ESO) for the Yarra Ranges Planning Scheme. The ESO would require onsite stormwater treatment for new development, and the level of treatment is dependent on the amount of impervious area. Stormwater capture and treatment systems will be given a Stormwater Retention Score (SRS) based on their ability to meet necessary standards. Systems must achieve a score of at least 6, with 10 being the maximum. Scores of more than 6 may qualify for a percent reimbursement. If this pilot is successful, it could be applied to other catchments in Melbourne. Read more.