On Aug. 8, the Australian government announced $42 million in grant funding for nine stormwater harvesting and use projects. The projects will help the country capture and treat more than 5.5 billion liters of stormwater per year for irrigation and industrial purposes. Particularly in dry climates, these projects help Australia diversify water supplies and avoid the costs of treating and transporting drinking water for these purposes. The grant recipients must also fulfill 100% of their energy needs with renewable sources or offset their carbon footprint.

This is the third round of grants issued by the Australian Government as part of their Water for the Future initiative to secure water supplies and reduce reliance on traditional sources. After this round of grants, the government has committed more than $200 million toward stormwater harvesting and use. By 2050, Australia hopes to be harvesting up to 75 gigalitres (20 billion gallons) of stormwater per year. Read more.