Weathering the Storm: Is This the Right Time for You to Form a Stormwater Utility? is a one-day seminar where participants will interact with experts discussing the varied components of stormwater utility development. “Now more than ever, local governments are looking for new funding sources to meet the challenges surrounding enhanced stormwater regulations and associated requirements,” said Rick Giardina, seminar moderator and National Director of Financial Services for Red Oak Consulting. “Faced with these challenges, municipalities are considering stormwater utility creation as a tool to secure reliable and stable funding and as a way to address environmental concerns.”

At the seminar, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency will provide a regulatory overview while other experts present legislative updates and legal issues. Other topics of discussion include fee development, public outreach, and asset management.  A variety of case studies from local government organizations that have approached stormwater utility development with varying results will highlight the complexities of this topic.

According to Giardina, this event will be appropriate for “those looking to network and gain information to overcome challenges surrounding stormwater utility formation.” Those who might be interested include local government officials, public works and utility directors, and industry consultants, he said.