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New website connects site-specific flood hazards with green solutions

A new partnership, Naturally Resilient Communities (NRC), argues that a simpler, more cost-efficient way to stave off flooding, manage water quality, and even harvest stormwater for reuse, is to complement technology with nature. “From weather-related disasters and public health crises to needs for economic development, the demands on our communities’ limited resources are growing,” said […]

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Removing fallen leaves can improve urban water quality

The timely removal of leaf litter can reduce harmful phosphorus concentrations in stormwater by more than 80% in Madison, Wis., according to a recent U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) study. Autumn leaf litter contributes a significant amount of phosphorus to urban stormwater, the study found. The USGS-led study, Evaluation of Leaf Removal as a Means To […]

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