The Welsh government has released recommended non-statutory standards for sustainable urban drainage systems (SuDS). The standards are the result of 2 years of development with stakeholder engagement and public consultation. SuDS are intended to reduce flooding and overflows by freeing up capacity in the sewer system. This decreases the need for more costly grey infrastructure and provides additional benefits associated with green spaces.

There are six standards that focus on

  • runoff destination;
  • hydraulic control;
  • water quality;
  • amenity;
  • biodiversity; and
  • design of drainage for construction, operation and maintenance.

Wales is considering whether to commence Schedule 3 of the Flood and Water Management Act 2010, which would require new developments to include SuDS. Adopted SuDS features would be required to comply with the national standards as well as maintenance provisions. For now, designers, property developers, and local authorities can pilot the non-statutory standards.