Green Infrastructure ImplementationIn August, the Water Environment Federation announced the release of two special publications related to stormwater. The first, Green Infrastructure Implementation, was developed by Carol Hufnagel of Tetra Tech and Nancy Rottle of the University of Washington, as well as 75 technical experts. The book provides actionable information promoting the implementation of green infrastructure. Unlike most publications, which focus on technical design of individual green elements, this peer-reviewed book tackles topics related directly to the ability to implement green infrastructure. The collection of programmatic and planning topics is unique in current literature and covers a range of issues from stormwater to public education. Green Infrastructure Implementation identifies obstacles and provides guidance for possible approaches to overcoming them at the programmatic level. It also provides clear and actionable suggestions as to the selection and planning of green infrastructure at different scales and identifies considerations for implementation based on type of practice and specific geographic considerations. Each topic details an assessment of barriers and potential challenges and includes case studies that show how they can be addressed.

Wet Weather Design and OperationThe second book, Wet Weather Design and Operation in Water Resource Recovery Facilities, provides water professionals with a comprehensive reference of current design and operational practices for managing the unique challenges associated with wet weather flows. This peer-reviewed publication was developed by Chris Tabor of Hazen and Sawyer, Julian Sandino of CH2M HILL, and 63 other technical experts. Wet Weather Design and Operation in Water Resource Recovery Facilities is intended as a companion to Design of Municipal Wastewater Treatment Plants, known commonly as MOP 8. The new publication focuses on providing a wet weather flow management perspective to the subject matter, going beyond MOP 8 by including operations-oriented considerations related to wet weather events. The text includes 16 chapters grouped around planning and configuration for wet weather events in water resource recovery facilities and facility processes.


Newly released @WEForg Green Infrastructure Implementation book provides actionable guidance

New @WEForg book Wet Weather Design & Operation in Water Resource Recovery Facilities is a comprehensive resource