On June 4, the Intact Financial Corporation and University of Waterloo announced a national initiative involving the implementation of 20 climate change adaptation projects. The projects were selected from 75 submissions made by conservation authorities and nongovernmental organizations from across the country. They will be carried out in Alberta, British Columbia, Nova Scotia, Ontario, and Quebec and are aimed at showcasing viable and cost-effective adaptation solutions that ultimately will be replicated in communities across the country.

The projects emerged from the Climate Change Adaptation Project 2012 report that outlined a roadmap of priorities and recommendations for adapting to climate change. They will focus primarily on reducing the impact of torrential precipitation on municipal infrastructure through the restoration of urban wetlands and water channels, and on the deployment of green infrastructure initiatives. Projects also will focus on efforts to limit coastal erosion in proximity to major cities. In addition to adaptation applied to infrastructure, education campaigns will promote practical measures that homeowners can engage around their homes to help stop basement flooding.

Project examples include a home flood-proof program by Green Calgary and Green Communities Canada and a stream naturalization project by Toronto and Region Conservation. Read more on these projects and others.