WEFTEC® attendees are invited to visit two examples of green infrastructure in the City of Los Angeles on Oct. 19. The tour time was adjusted to 8:15 a.m.–12:15 p.m. to accommodate a midday return to the Los Angeles Convention Center.

The tour includes South Los Angeles Wetland Park, formerly a transportation maintenance facility with 36,425 m2 ofimpervious surfaces. The area now captures urban runoff and reduces bacteria, oil and grease, sediments, and metals. Attendees also will visit Elmer Avenue, a green street project that captures 161,880 m2 of residential rainwater runoff and infiltrates it for groundwater recharge. Check here for more details on this event, and click here to register for the conference. Look for a more comprehensive review of WEFTEC stormwater programming in the September Stormwater Report.