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Canada Sets National Targets for Road Salt, Study Shows Stream Toxicity from De-icers Increasing Rapidly

Average chloride concentrations often exceed toxic levels in many northern U.S. streams due to the use of salt to de-ice winter pavement. The frequency of these toxic occurrences has nearly doubled over two decades, according to a recently published U.S. Geological Survey study. The report, published in the March 2015 issue of Science of The […]

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EU Agrees to Reduce Plastic Bag Use

In 2010, each person who lived in the European Union (EU) used 200 plastic bags on average, according to an estimate by the European Parliamentary Research Service. Estimates also suggest that more than eight billion plastic carrier bags became litter in the EU in 2010. In a business-as-usual scenario, consumption of plastic bags is only […]

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Study Examines Effects of Small Gasoline Spills Over Time

A new study released in the September issue of the Journal of Contaminant Hydrology suggests that fuel droplets spilled at gas stations — which occur frequently with fill-ups — could cumulatively be causing long-term environmental damage to soil and groundwater in residential areas in close proximity to the stations. Most studies have focused on large-scale […]

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