2017 StormTV Project

For the sixth year, the Water Environment Federation (WEF) will host the StormTV Project.

For 2017, StormTV will once again be a competition.

These four videos earned 2015 StormTV Competition awards. Do you have an entry that could win this year? Get more information below.

The intention of the project has evolved to highlight the work of stormwater professionals utilizing video presentations to communicate and educate. The project seeks to collect and share examples of best practices in action for stormwater management.

Municipal Separate Storm Sewer Systems (MS4s) are required to pursue public outreach and education in their communities. While there are established minimum guidelines for what must be done (the link provides guidance on Phase 2 MS4 Outreach requirements), this project seeks to celebrate those who turned fulfilling a requirement into the opportunity for excellence.

Submissions need not have been created to fulfill MS4 requirements; all examples of good communication and effective public outreach on stormwater management can serve as inspiration for others.

Submissions can include

  • Short films and public service announcements for educating the public,
  • Videos aimed at training the public, municipal staff, or stormwater professionals, and
  • Short documentaries featuring not-for-profit or for-profit programs and projects.

Video topics can cover a wide range of stormwater-related areas:

  • Green infrastructure or LID (design, construction, operation & maintenance, asset management, etc.);
  • Source and nonstructural controls;
  • Stormwater controls, also known as best management practices;
  • Public communication and outreach;
  • Workforce development;
  • Water quality trading;
  • Water quality monitoring;
  • Industrial stormwater management solutions;
  • Stormwater and watersheds research;
  • Flood mitigation; and
  • Climate resiliency;


Different this year

Instead of having defined categories, this year the StormTV will seek to identify the best elements and practices that appear in the submissions.

The judges — primarily members of the Public Communication & Outreach Subcommittee and other members of the Water Environment Federation Stormwater Committee — will identify not only effective videos, but what contributes to making them effective.

Awards will be given at the discretion of the judges.


2017 StormTV details

  • Entry period: April 28 – June 12
  • Submitted videos do not need to have been created to satisfy MS4 permits.
  • Submitted videos will be featured on WEF’s YouTube Channel, the Stormwater Report website, and other WEF communications channels.
  • Selected videos will be featured at the Stormwater Pavilion within the WEFTEC® 2017 Exhibition from Oct. 2 – 4.
  • Submissions to the 2016 StormTV Exhibition are eligible to re-enter the 2017 StormTV Competition since there was not a competition in 2016.


How to Submit

Sharing is easy! Send us the link to a YouTube video, and we will add it to WEF’s Stormwater Playlist.

  1. Review the Rules & Requirements
  2. Upload a video of your project to YouTube. (Need help uploading a YouTube video?)
  3. Send a link of your video to stormwater@wef.org.
  4. Attach to your email a completed copy of the 2017 StormTV permissions form. (You can submit one form for multiple videos.)

Notes on the permission to use form: The video producer will retain the copyright to their work(s). The permission to use form just ensures that the copyright belongs to the organization submitting the video, and it gives WEF permission to share the video through social media and at events. At the top of the form, please fill out additional information about the video to better help WEF share it.


Rules and Requirements

Organizations may submit up to 5 videos.

  • Organizations cannot submit the same video from a previous StormTV competitions, with the exception of 2016 StormTV Exhibition entries, which are eligible to re-enter the 2017 StormTV Competition since the was no competition last year.
  • Videos should be no longer than 5 minutes1
  • Videos featuring a product must be informational rather than promotional.2
  • Programs, projects, products or public outreach campaigns featured in submitted videos must be your own or submitted with permission of the owner.
  • For videos shown at WEFTEC 2017, WEF will require the original video files.
  • Subjects shown in videos should have given the videographer permission or “informed consent.”
  • Must be 18 or older to submit.
  • WEF will not consider media it identifies as obscene, provocative, inaccurate, or otherwise containing objectionable content.

1Videos longer than 5 minutes that provide educational value may be added to the StormTV YouTube channel, but will not be considered eligible for the competition.

2WEF reserves the right not to publicize videos that are inappropriate, inaccurate, or overly promotional and has final judgment over what is shown at WEFTEC.