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‘Rainstorm generator’ predicts more frequent – but less intense – dryland thunderstorms

In the lowest and most arid parts of the Colorado River basin, moisture from the ground rises into the atmosphere before condensing rapidly to form frequent and sudden thunderstorms. These storms, which typically control the flow of runoff, provide irrigation for river-bank plants, supplement water supplies, and affect the chance that the river will flood, […]

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Study quantifies the impact of coastal runoff in dollars and cents

A recent Duke University (Durham, N.C.) study makes the first, long-sought evidence linking Gulf of Mexico hypoxia to economic effects. The study, published January in The Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, shows hypoxic dead zones in the gulf drive up the price of large shrimp relative to smaller sizes. This effect causes economic […]

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Tree hydration system made from recycled diaper material minimizes stormwater runoff

Using watering bags to nurture young trees can help ensure a moist soil environment as the plants develop root structure. But standard watering bags require constant refills, and do little to deter stormwater runoff pollution. However, a new product made from the same material used in disposable diapers can catch and retain rainwater before releasing […]

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