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World Bank Report Calls for Green Infrastructure To Improve Disaster Resiliency

Pacific Island nations are among the countries most affected by natural disasters, according to a report released by the World Bank in June. In the first 9 months of 2011 — the costliest year on record in terms of natural disasters — losses in the East Asia Pacific region amounted to $259 billion, 80% of […]

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‘Rebuilding Green’ after Hurricane Sandy

Rebuilding New York, New Jersey and Connecticut in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy provides an opportunity to utilize green infrastructure, which not only protects water quality but also can guard against the costs and effects of future storms. According to an analysis by the World Resources Institute, reducing storm surge by maintaining wetlands costs $0.12/m3 […]

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Superstorm Sandy Affects Water and Wastewater Utilities

On Oct. 29, Superstorm Sandy made landfall over southern New Jersey. According to news sources, the 1290-km-wide (800-mi-wide) storm is responsible for 125 U.S. deaths and $62 billion in damage, primarily in New York and New Jersey. Sandy also affected more than 100 water and wastewater facilities — disrupting treatment, pump stations, and distribution due […]

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