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Year in Review: 2014 Under the Stormwater Lens

This year in review provides a look back at highlighted stormwater news and events that occurred throughout 2014.

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When WSSI cannot provide a guided tour of its LID facilities, visitors can read the signage posted at each practice. WSSI also has a training room where staff and local government employees can learn from each other and invited speakers. Image credit: WSSI

Stormwater Champions: Remaining Progressive a Decade Later

In the first of the Water Environment Federation’s new Stormwater Champions series, we interviewed Mike Rolband, founder of Wetland Studies and Solutions in Gainesville, Va.

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A Water of the US

Defining Waters of the U.S. and the Effects on Stormwater

With comments due Nov. 14, this article examines points of intersection between the Waters of the U.S. proposed rule and the stormwater sector with viewpoints from stakeholders across the U.S.

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A demonstration of turbulent flow using a Plexiglas flume. Image credit: CDOT

Ramping Up Erosion Control Training for Transportation Projects

Colorado Department of Transportation’s new erosion control training is complimented by a newly renovated facility for hands-on learning.

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Innovative Financing Accelerates Stormwater Management

Philadelphia and Washington, D.C. use innovative financing mechanisms to expand green stormwater infrastructure and meet water protection goals.

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Waller Creek is one of the oldest monitoring sites in the Austin area. First a U.S. Geological Survey site in the 1950s, it is now monitored by the City of Austin through its Texas Pollutant Discharge Elimination System permit. Image credit: COA-WPD-WQM

Monitoring and Modeling: Two Sides of a Coin

The City of Austin is using monitoring and modeling to direct watershed regulations with science and to enhance stormwater control design criteria.

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Moving Dirt: Challenges in LID Construction

Use of low impact development (LID) is growing in both new developments and retrofit projects. This increase also means a growing need for contractor experience related to unique stormwater management requirements of LID. While construction is critical to long-term LID performance, success ultimately depends on designers, installers, developers, and inspectors understanding LID and coordinating across […]

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Eleven Lessons Learned from Fairfax County’s Flood Response Program

Learning from experience, Fairfax County stormwater engineers have identified 11 lessons that are important to the success of any flood response program.

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Through the Rapids: The Rocky Ride of the Stormwater Rule

Seth Brown, WEF stormwater program and policy director, discusses possible reasons and implications for the national stormwater rule not moving forward.

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Water and Wellness: Green Infrastructure for Health Co-Benefits

Social Scientist Kathleen Wolf describes the additional health and wellness benefits provided by urban green spaces associated with stormwater management.

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